Saturday, March 13, 2010

PostHeaderIcon cold frames open 2010

Just this week the snow melted off of the cold frame lids. This is the snow that started to build up at the end of November, so the cacti have been under snow for almost 4 months. The cactus plants look great and are still in their winter sleep stage with no signs of new growth. It has been cloudy for the week and this will help these plants get use to the sun again.

A few disappointments... a Glandulicactus in as a cold frame trial didn't survive, and a mole dug up some seedlings in small pots. The seedlings I could find will live, but I'm missing a few Pediocactus seedlings I really wish I could find.

Next fall I will have to find some natural product to keep the moles out of the cold frames. I've had mice, but they never dig up any cactus plants.


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